Mexican Senate of the Republic and the INSP formalize an agreement of collaboration

The National Institute of Public Health (INSP) and the Health Commission of the Senate of the Republic inked a general agreement of collaboration to promote joint actions that contribute to the design and execution of programs, projects, activities, research and strategies to disseminate and exchange information in public health to strength legislative work and for the improvement of legal systems in public health in Mexico.

During the ceremony held at the headquarters of the upper chamber, Dr. Eduardo Lazcano Ponce, INSP General Director, stated that this agreement aims to promote well-being and social equity from a multidisciplinary perspective based on the design of strategies and effective interventions directed toward monitoring and improving population health; as well as encourage the permanent exchange of information between the senators based on the INSP educational model, through the professionalization of those who advise them in decision-making to guarantee the quality of the information.

Additionally, Dr. Lazcano Ponce highlighted that the agreement will contribute to health professionals’ transformation with a focus on prevention and primary care to serve the population; increasing human capital, social and economic development, promotion of research and monitoring of health social determinants.

Dr. Lazcano stated that “community research in public health should focus on environmental, social, and structural inequities and specific health needs through the active participation of community members”. As such, it is essential to build strategic alliances to provide organized responses that contribute to social welfare and to the National Health System´s transformation.

The essence of our academic work must be in the production, transfer and knowledge application; community engagement should not be just a discourse but a set of systematized activities in institutional practice to plan, organize, operate and evaluate interventions among the population with ethical principles adoptions of public health practice.

Sen. Dr. Olga María Sánchez Cordero, president of the Senate’s Board of Directors, offered reassurance that with this agreement will establish a collaboration base that will have an impact on improving legal systems for the benefit of citizens.

In her message, Senate Health Commission President, Lilia Margarita Valdez Martínez, stated that with the signing of this document, information will be regularly exchanged on health issues between the senators, as well as with technical entities.

Valdez Martínez stressed that in politics it is essential to exchange ideas and establish agreements for the benefit of the health of Mexican men and women. 

Through this agreement, the National Institute of Public Health reaffirms its commitment to the populace with the certainty that public health research is a driving force to ensure development, pertinence and relevance of the health system in Mexico.