Friday Letter ESPM

Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health in the face of the COVID19 emergency

During the epidemiologic emergency caused by COVID19, Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health (INSP) swiftly transitioned to the virtual modality of our 24 academic programs. To this end, 26 virtual classrooms were enabled, continuing the activities of 130 didactic units. Moreover, during the month of April, 8 exams to obtain degrees in the virtual modality were done, as well as 2 research protocols were defended.

Our emerging strategy has been a success thanks to the enormous institutional and academic commitment displayed by students, professors and researchers at INSP. Thus we are pleased to share that programmed academic activities are uninterrupted, and we wish to congratulate our academic community.

Residents of the Preventive Medicine specialty have joined the Mexican Health Ministry’s task force to actively participate in promotion of actions to mitigate the spread of the epidemic. INSP researchers are providing full-time advisory to the health ministry in the diagnostics testing area of expertise.

We are satisfied to see that each of the academic institutional commitments have been observed, and this feeling has enthused us to obtain better technological tools for virtual education – in the near future we will have e-learning platforms like Matrix and/or Blackboard as Learning Management Systems, and Zoom for virtual sessions or webinars, which will allow us to instate a digital learning environment for a better organization of learning processes that are interactive, dynamic and appealing to students and professors.

We wish to share that in order to continue to observe social distancing and contribute to safeguarding the integrity of our institutional community we implemented the virtual modality of our academic programs on March 16th. We have taken the following decisions:

  • The semester will continue online modality and will end on July 3rd.
  • We requested head professors of each didactic unit to establish the specific evaluation mechanism.
  • In case they chose to apply a written test online, they will be provided specific advising.

For professionalizing programs, in the framework of the COVID19 pandemic, the Postgraduate Programs and Professional Guidance Committee established and approved the alternative accreditation criteria for:

  • Professionalizing practicums
  • Populational Health Integral Diagnosis

These criteria must stress academic excellence and the acquisition of previously established competencies. 

Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health (INSP) has created a repository of scientific information, as well as training and health promotion material related to COVID-19 generated by our faculty. This can be accessed at the following link:

We are sending you fraternal greetings and we will continue to collaborate in the different ASPPH initiatives.


Juan Rivera-Dommarco
General Director and Dean

Eduardo Lazcano-Ponce
Academic Dean